Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why am I here?

It was really difficult to come up with a unifying concept for my blog. My interests are all over the map. How do all these things come together? Am I really that much of a weirdo? Then it hit me. Sama- equal/ balance in Sanskrit is actually tattooed on my arm. It’s a not so gentle reminder to stay even keeled, to stick to my practice and keep my eyes on the prize. Sutra- thread in Sanskrit, here, is the thread of my thoughts, the thread of my knitting, the thread of my practice. All are continuous yet mutable over time. SS are my initials too, and I have to admit- I liked the “Kama Sutra” pun!

My idea for this blog was to have a space to collect ideas of what’s inspiring me at the moment. It’s also a place to vent my struggles and triumphs. I find that the act of writing something down helps give me perspective. It forces me to organize and evaluate my thoughts. It forces me to really look at who I want to be and who I’m actually being. The written word has a finality to it, if only for that moment in time. That’s the place I was that particular day and how I felt at that time. Of course ideas change and mature, but it’s nice to be able to look back on the journey that got you to that new place.

I’m at the amazing point in my life where it’s really coming together and I finally am solidly on my path. My real journey is finally beginning. I don’t miss the unsure searching of my twenties. I think the 30’s are really where life begins- at least for me. It seems a worthy thing to document, if only so that I can really remember where I came from and see where I’ve gone. On my length of string stretching into the past, I can leave the parts of myself that I’ve outgrown along the way, update those things with new perspective, be inspired by the journey.

Life is pretty rad. :)

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