Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Resolution Reinforcers

So here we are again on Ash Wednesday. Since I’m boring (and awfully sick this week- but mostly boring) I had no plans of partying it up last night. I am, however, continuing the tradition of “no pants lent” which really does need a better name. My friends Molly, Abby, and I did it last year and it was great! I got really lazy about style during the 6 months that we were building the tattoo shop and I’ve never really recovered. I rarely wear makeup, jewelry, or even spend the time to put together outfits I actually like any more. Not that I’m making a case for vanity here. I know that real beauty lies within. I’ve definitely gone too far in the opposite direction though and have been feeling pretty slobby lately- I know it's not a real word but it's really how I feel- slobby. It is true that when you look good you feel good.

SO! No pants lent was a great way to shake me out of my lethargy, for a little while at least, and get me feeling just a little bit better as I patiently (ha!) waited out the end of hell, I mean, winter. I’m looking forward to it again this year. Maybe it will stick a little longer this time before I go back to my slobby ways.

I’m also inspired today by Molly’s “Fat Tuesday Resolutions.” I’m doing well with my New Year’s Resolution which is to strengthen and deepen my meditation practice. I’ve been thinking of some practices I could devise to help support this main one, especially considering my real practice is life and the whole point is to bring meditation to the rest of my day. I went to Catholic school so the familiarity of Lent seems a nice framework for some mini projects.

First off- I know I desperately need to slooooooooooooowwwww dooooooooooowwwnnn! My boyfriend had a talk with me recently about how I, kind of, um, over-commit to stuff and then have a breakdown cause I'm too busy (it’s the Vata in me- but that’s for another post). The next thing I know I have the brochure from the yoga studio open and I’m picking out a bajillion classes that I want to take. My ever-patient, wonderful man gently reminded me about my over-packed schedule and “what we just talked about.” Uh-huh. So I’ll be working on reining in my commitments for this month and a half and hopefully beyond.

Secondly, I need to work on my asana practice, which really means better time management. I’ve been doing great with my meditation but my asana has suffered for it. This goes neatly with my first resolution because since I do my practice before bed I rarely have time for both asana and meditation. If I have fewer commitments that should free up some time and energy for more asana. It will require better weekly planning ahead of time too, and routine is good for me if I can just get it going.

If I can do these things my meditation practice will not only serve to keep me sane, I'll have room to keep it with me throughout my day and help me be more mindful.

So to recap- this Lent, although not fully keeping with the theme of abstention, my self-improvement, resolution reinforcing projects are:

1 No pants- ie. stop being so lazy and feel good
2 Fewer commitments, for my sanity and my boyfriend’s
3 More asana, better routine!

PS. There is an important exception to “no pants” and that is yoga class! Panty shots are NOT appropriate from either teacher or student... although some of the guys in my class may disagree ;)


  1. Aha! Since I got the stupid cold from you, I was home wearing sweat pants and leggings today. Great start. I will definitely leave the house without pants tomorrow!

    1. I wore a skirt to my doctor's appointment! I hope you're not too sick... this round has been HORRIBLE for us.

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